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By making use of this music bouncy ball iPhone application source code you can develop a lot of apps as per you want. You can generate any character with name and rename this iPhone app source code with new name, sounds as well as pictures. All of these you can perform with this best application source code.

In this apps source code when touch on 1st screen it will browse through to primary screen. On a tap of finger character will listen with various audio effects. You can discover more animation by choosing info key on the display. A lot of various animations are accessible. We can customize this app with some additional and unique functions such as automatic recording, text to conversation features at reasonably priced.

How to modify this iPhone apps source code into your desire iPhone apps:iphone apps with source code

  1. Change recent pictures like as Screen1.png, 512.png, 57.png and all the other control buttons pictures
  2. Switch presented characters as well as balls pictures and audio files with another one.
  3. Start apps and view your new app with your chosen character.

That’s it, now you are prepared to place this application in iPhone iTunes app store market for sell.

From Below I describe the features of the app.

  • Quick to manage and modify data.
  • Simple to use tab to navigation
  • Stage with various design
  • Picture Animation with Sound features.
  • iPad integration
  • You will obtain on both iPhone as well as iPad
  • Additional button for Marketing

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