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This game is your brain tester. In this game there are two types of Sudoku integrate one is number Sudoku and second is alphabets Sudoku. In this game solve Sudoku and complete that level. In this game there are unlimited levels are available.

Sudoku iPhone Source CodeFeatures:

1. In-App Purchases for medium and hard category.
2. Sound switch options.
3. Universal app for iphone, iphone 5, iPod and iPad.

Supported OS: iOS 4.3 and Later

Files Included in Source Code: In this game .h and .m file include and also .txt file include for difficulty purpose.

See Some Screenshots:

Sudoku iPhone Game Source Code

Sudoku Game

iPhone Sudoku Game Source Code

iPhone Sudoku Source Code
How to Change Source Code:
1. You have only add the entry in .txt file for your difficulty no other changes require.

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