Get Discount on Purchase of Puzzle Game iPhone Source Code

MobileAppsGallery gives you chance to have your own game for getting more revenue from iTunes store. Following source code of puzzle game is available for download with special discount.

Sudoku iPhone Source Code$149.25  Download

Sudoku is brain tester game. In this game there are two different categories included such as number Sudoku and alphabets Sudoku.  You can download this source code and customize it as per your need. You just have to add the entry in .txt file for your difficulty no other changes require.


Screen Shot:

sudoku1_1 iPhone Sudoku Source Code

Word Jigsaw Puzzle iPhone Source Code – $299.25 Download

Word Jigsaw game Contain pieces of words. Those are broken from a grid. Each line of the grid has a one single word. You have to make grid with right word by moving pieces. You can also use hint to find automatic place of piece.  You can also change feature of this game by download source code and start customization.

Screen Shot:

Word jigsaw Word jigsaw1

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